Jeff Jensen

CEO of Connecticut Electric

Jeff Jensen attended our Tecum Capital 2018 CEO Summit and wrote the following to his Connecticut Electric employees upon his return:

Last week I was able to attend the First Annual Tecum CEO Summit in Pittsburgh, PA.  As you know, Tecum is a key investor in CE.

The keynote speaker was excellent, so I want to pass on some of my notes.

Charlie Batch of the Pittsburgh Steelers spoke to us about some of the things he learned about leadership while preparing to become a leader with the Steelers organization, his community, family and other organizations.

As the back-up quarterback for the Steelers, there were many times when Charlie was passed over for starting QB.  Still, he decided to do his best to get the starting QB prepared for the game.  He worked behind the scenes to serve his team in an effort to maximize performance.  While the TV camera did not capture him in his role to help his team, he was vital to helping the Steelers continue to be the amazing competitor people around the world know them to be.

Charlie focused on being ready, resilient, service focused, proactive, accountable, and humble.  When his opportunity to start as quarterback occurred, he rose to that challenge and made key plays to assure success.  He was always focused on being prepared for opportunities to serve and lead his team.

One other reason I wanted to share my notes with you is to also tell you about what I observed during the CEO Summit.  Every member of the Tecum Team was doing the things that Charlie spoke about.  They were prepared, resilient, service focused, proactive, humble, etc.  I watched the Tecum Team run the extra mile as they served each of the participants with the goal of assuring we would have a great experience.  I was inspired as I noticed how service focused the Tecum Team was, and that also made me feel additional gratitude for their investment and support for our CE Team.

As I traveled to the airport Friday, the taxi driver (who was wearing a Steelers jersey) told me that in our busy, information filled world we need to take time to stop and think about what is really important.  So, I decided to make a little time to tell you about this amazing event.  I also wanted you to know that the great things I saw in the Tecum Team are evident in the daily things I watch each of you do.  Thank you for being ready, resilient, focused on our customers and service to one another, proactive, accountable, and humble.

I'm convinced that as we continue to focus on these important qualities, like Charlie and the Tecum Team, we will continue to have great success!

Rob Richardson

CEO of BP Express

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Len Caric

CEO of Uncle Charley's Sausage Company

In the video, below, Len Caric reflects on the advantage of Tecum Capital as a mezzanine lender and equity investor. He also comments on how Tecum has been a stalwart financial partner through the ups and downs of his company.

He also adds:
Tecum Capital Partners provided the experience, flexibility, and “can do” attitude to help us close on our deal in a very competitive process. Since then, Tecum has been a good partner and is always there with experienced professionals to offer advice and to assist us when needed.
Tecum Capital helped structure a management buyout and provided capital to help transition our business seamlessly. They have been a great partner during the transaction and throughout the life cycle of the investment. Tecum’s financing helped transfer the business ownership, which kept a lot of good paying local jobs, and their principals provided very valuable strategic advice along the way.
The growth curve and market dynamics clearly indicated that it was time to bring on a strong financial partner, and F.N.B. Capital Corporation was the right choice to help us achieve our objectives. Remote DBA Experts has maintained its leadership position as a pure-play, 100% on-shore database-managed services provider, and we continue a tremendous growth trajectory.
Our partnership with FNBCC has been great.  Not only did they provide the financial resources we needed to acquire and grow Paragon, but they also went out of their way to provide us access to other resources in their network.  We are appreciative of the assistance that FNBCC has provided to help Paragon achieve its goals.
The Tecum Capital team provided the experience and flexibility to help push our deal over the finish line! They deliver on the sales pitch and have provided the post-closing services that you would expect from a first-class operation!
From the moment we met the Tecum Capital team to support our strategic investment at Bolts & Nuts, we knew we had a great cultural fit and a team of financial professionals who would be every bit the partner that we could hope for.  In the years since, they have met and exceeded all our expectations of what a partner could and should be.
Tecum Capital is an ideal lending partner. Their ability to understand the perspective of the operator make them an exceptional partner for developing for the long-term development of a business. Additionally, they go above and beyond to seek out opportunities to contribute to the company performance outside the lending relationship, always seeking to lever their network for their partners and often acting as a sounding board for new ideas.

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