Control Equity


$10 - $100MM


$3 - $10MM

Investment Approach

Tecum Equity Alpha Management (“TEAM” or “Tecum Equity”), is a separate equity control strategy and is a multi-family office representing several small to medium-sized family offices and high-net-worth investors primarily with a background in investing, owning, and operating businesses. These families and investors are seeking direct exposure to private equity investments, curated to respective backgrounds, operating backgrounds, and expertise. We seek control equity positions in businesses with $3 million to $10 million of EBITDA. As a multi-family office, Tecum Equity has a long-term investment horizon and takes a patient approach to build equity value in the businesses we acquire. We seek to function as a value-added resource and work collaboratively with our portfolio companies. Tecum and its network provide oversight in the areas of strategic planning, business, and financial management, operational improvements, technology, and add-on acquisitions. As a result of the flexible structure within our investment platform, we can support and execute long-term growth strategies, while patiently resolving business hurdles without the timing pressure and restrictions of a limited-term fund. 

Control Equity Fact Sheet

Investment Criteria

EBITDA: Between $3 to $10 million

EBITDA Margin: Greater than 10%

Gross Leverage: Less than 4.0x EBITDA

Geography: Primary operations in the U.S.

Hold Period: Long-term investment horizon

Transaction Types:

  • Family Wealth Transfer
  • Independent Sponsor Buyouts
  • Leverage Buyouts (LBOs)
  • Management Buyouts (MBOs)

Target Industries

  • Business Services
  • Capital Equipment with P&M
  • Consumer-Oriented
  • Food & Beverage
  • Healthcare Services
  • Industrial & Environmental Services
  • Precision Manufacturing
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Value-Added Distribution

Targeted Company Characteristics:

  • Committed management team
  • High barriers to competitive entry
  • Market leadership in sustainable and non-cyclical growth niches
  • Strong free cash flow characteristics
  • No real estate ventures, start-up investments

Our Model

Tecum's Formula For Success

How we create value via mutually beneficial transitions

Phase One

Find the Right Partner and Align Common Goals

  • Find the right partner in terms of operating partners
  • Target industries we know well with positive secular tailwinds
  • Look for passionate management teams and business owners within those industries
  • Structure the transaction correctly to ensure a balanced partnership
  • Lay out key goals and associated milestones for the company

Phase Two

Develop Strategic Plan with Executive Team

  • Build strong relationship with key decision makers at the company
  • Understand company’s value-proposition to its clients
  • Collaboratively develop value creation plan through internal expertise and network of external resources
  • Understand needs of management team to effectively execute on plan

Phase Three

Empower and Support the Executive Team

  • Fill in any gaps in the management team to ensure execution of strategy (if applicable)
  • Bring deep network of resources to support both temporary and permanent needs
  • Allow management team to execute on strategic plan and support as needed

Phase Four

Execute Strategic Plan and Continually Re-Assess

  • Create objective measurable to assess the success of the strategic plan
  • Continually assess the strategic plan and pivot on a proactive basis as business environment continually changes and evolves
  • “We are not trying to shove a square peg in a round hole”

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