We have a cohesive and experienced group of investment professionals, operator network, and support staff who take a collaborative approach to value creation. At Tecum, we created a culture that relies on participative management to encourage and motivate each other. We want a team that is motivated to make the best decisions and that means everyone having the flexibility to participate based on their capability, not their title.

All Team Members
Investment Committee
Junior Capital Investment Team
Control Equity Investment Team
Finance, Operations, & Administrative
Stephen J. Gurgovits, Jr., CPA, CFA

Managing Partner

Matt Harnett, CAIA


Tyson Smith, CFA


David Bonvenuto


Sean Edmonson

Senior Vice President

Jack Surma

Vice President

Husnain Safdar

Vice President

Ian Frazier

Senior Associate

Paul J. Oris, CFA, CPA

Senior Associate

Carter Henderson


Dominic Noel


Justin Uhlenbrock, CPA

Senior Analyst

Zac Forsyth, CPA

Senior Analyst

Leslie Skolnekovich, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Ames, CPA

Manager, Fund Administration

Jayne Staub


Lynn McDonald

Office Manager/Marketing Coordinator