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Sentrics Expands Advisory Council with Aging Innovation Strategist Sarah Thomas

March 24, 2021—Sentrics welcomes Sarah Thomas, Executive Strategist in Aging Innovation to its powerhouse Advisory Council. A global aging expert, Thomas brings nearly 20 years of knowledge transforming the aging experience to the influential council, which provides the Sentrics management team guidance and insights about the trends impacting the services and care of senior living. Thomas’ technology perspective is shaped by her experience helping some of the largest senior living companies develop and implement strategic change management initiatives and innovative human potential products.

“While senior living and healthcare were already merging, COVID accelerated that trend,” said Darin LeGrange, CEO of Sentrics. “Communities are growing their healthcare services, adding clinical leadership and expanding their vision of engagement to manage the care of residents. They are connecting with residents with purpose and growing their feelings of vitality. These examples demonstrate how technology innovation and aging management are intersecting. Sarah Thomas has consistently intersected technology and aging to transform the aging experience. Her first-hand knowledge launching solutions that are more purpose-driven will help us address the ongoing need for usability, portability, simplicity and the ultimate engagement of the resident, family and healthcare ecosystem.”

Combing corporate, entrepreneurial and consulting experience with formal training in occupational therapy, Thomas sits uniquely at the intersection of the equity investor, the consumer and the senior living provider. For 20 years, she has transformed how people age and perceive aging. She helped Genesis vet new technologies that improved healthcare outcomes nationally and globally. As Executive-in-Residence at Aging2.0, she has helped some of the largest senior housing and senior living companies innovate for the mature consumer. As the CEO of Delight by Design, she helps clients approach the population differently by leveraging strategic M&A and partner technologies to integrate telehealth, care coordination and family engagement solutions. Thomas is also a principal consultant in Nexus Insights, a published author and an accomplished keynote speaker.

“The best way to support an age-inclusive experience is to integrate technology and the human touch,” explained Thomas. “Progressive senior living communities measure engagement success with a decrease in isolation, an increase in satisfaction and an improvement in the overall quality of life. Sentrics is pushing senior living forward by acquiring and developing technology that puts the residents at the center of everything it does. This human-centric, purpose-driven design makes technology more accessible and adoptable.”

The Sentrics Advisory Council members include Kai Hsiao, CEO of Eclipse Senior Living; Anne Tumlinson, Founder and CEO of ATI Advisory; Jerry Frumm, Vice Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Senior Lifestyle; Keven Bennema, Founder and CEO of Charter Senior Living; Bob Kramer, CEO of Nexus Insights; Sarah Thomas, CEO of Delight by Design; Steve Jarmel, Partner, Periscope Equity.

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