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Tecum Capital Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Tecum Capital is excited to announce its 10th anniversary! We are grateful to all of those who have contributed to our growth and success. As we continue to grow, we remain commmited to building durable businesses through thoughtful partnership and execution, leaving a lasting impact on companies, shareholders, and communities. Tecum enters its second decade with strong momentum, and remains passionate in our commitment of investing in businesses, and in our most valuable asset, people.

Our team partners with independent sponsors, family offices, committed funds, business owners seeking succession plans, and management teams to create shared success. Tecum focuses on businesses with EBITDA greater than $3 million and will invest $5 million to $20 million in potential portfolio companies. Tecum manages two Small Business Investment Company (“SBIC”) licensed funds and is currently investing out of Tecum Capital Partners III, L.P, a $300 million fund launched in September 2021. Tecum also manages a separate equity control strategy via a multi-family office strategy under the same investment criteria called Tecum Equity Alpha Management (“TEAM”).  Since 2006, the team has collectively invested nearly $1 billion in over 135 platforms and add-on acquisitions. 

“We are honored and humbled to have enjoyed the consistent support from our investors, partners, portfolio companies, SBA and our valued employees over the past ten years. We hope all of you will join us in celebrating our 10 years as an independent firm and we thank all of you for helping contribute to our continued success.”

Stephen Gurgovits, Jr.
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Tecum Capital

“I would just like to express my thanks and gratitude to our valued investors, our mentors and advisory board members, who poured so much into us along the way, along with my partners Stephen and Tyson, our dedicated employees, and all of the talented and amazing professionals I’ve had the opportunity to work with over the past 10 years. All have contributed to make what Tecum Capital is today.”

Matthew Harnett
Co-Founder and  Partner
Tecum Capital

“This business is all about people and I could not be more humbled to partner with Matt and Steve for the last 10 years. Its amazing to see the positive impact Tecum has made through it’s efforts.”

Tyson Smith
Tecum Capital

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